Monday, July 19, 2010

Taryn and Devin Wedding!

Having Taryn live with us for the last 2 years was an experience of its own.;] She was a great help when needed. I loved talking to her, using her shoes and every once in a while her clothes! I just loved having her around!;];] And I have missed her greatly! But I'm excited for what she will experience in life with her true love!

I was able to do her hair, and make her hair piece! I had a ton of fun doing both! The sealing was beautiful, and the reception was awesome! Loved seeing all the family and old friends together. And of coarse Taryn and Devin just being in love! I just got pictures at the temple.

The Shoes!

The totally hot Sisters!!

His last girl is now married!

Dad cried pretty much all day. It was really sweet!

My computer is being funny and I can't get more pictures up! Sorry!;[
I was a great day, and everything went well.


Taryn and Devin Bryce said...

Are these your pictures from your camera? Can I have them please if they are? I would like to have all the pictures from my wedding from anybody that has them! :)

Shirlyn H. said...

Please tell Taryn that I thought she made a beautiful bride. I also just loved the picture of your Grandpa and Grandma Smith. She was always so fun to be around and they were the cutest couple.

The pictures of the kids are just adorable.