Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Halloween

On Sunday we poked pumpkins! :} I found this light up no carve pumpkin kit! (But I didn't do the light up part)

It was really great! I just poked all the hole in and they put the lights in. They had a tone of fun!

On Saturday Grandpa Smith came over to the house and took us out to lunch with Jamon, kristen, and Keegan who were in town. The kids got to ride with my Dad to lunch, in his sweet buggie. T.J was asking him to slow down and Pammie was asking him to go faster!

After they got some snacks!

Timmy and I after the busy weekend. Man I love him!

Timmy had some stake business to do at church so T.J went along. Don't they both look so handsome?! Timmy has been working hard on losing weight, can't you tell! He is down 28 lbs!! I am so proud of him!

At church everyone called them twins!

And I almost forgot! Timmy has been working really hard and saving for a lift and new wheels and tires on his truck. He got it a while back and just put them on with the help of my cuz Mons, right before Halloween! It is lifted 4 inches with 32inch tires. (I think) Anyway It looks really great! And I LOVE riding in it!;]

Halloween 2010

This is my nephew Royce, He was Might Mouse.

Yes I'm the mean Aunt that takes cute crying picture of this!

Timmy made this cute t-shirt for Levi birthday. It turned out really great!

Saturday we went to Danny and Kim's ward trunk-r-treat( Timmy's brother)
All the Allen cuz's

I'm playing the "don't you dare smile!" game with Pammie. She think she won!

The big buff and handsome Thing!

The cute lion you ever saw!

Pammie just wants to eat her candy! T.J wants to get the picture over with.

Dang they are cute!

Levi's ONE!!

On the 29th we celebrated Levis first birthday! It was the same night as our ward trunk-r-treat. So I made cupcakes and brought the party with us! Its hard for me to believe that my little sweet Levi is ONE! We didn't have a big family party, But he did get his very own first big cupcake!

I think the sugar it setting in.;]

"I got tired of it Mom."

Not sure what to think.

This is me trying to get a few shots of Levi. But he would rather try and get the camera!

I just LOVE him!!

This little boy has such a sweet heart! I'm so proud to be his Mother. I can't wait to see how great of a man he will grow up to be.;] He is a great blessing in our family!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Levi's first haircut!



Is he not the cutest kid you have ever seen!! I always say that he has such kind, happy, eyes. I don't know what I would do with out him!

Pammie, Pammie Shea!!

Pamela Shea....What can I say about my Pammie, Pammie Shea. Her daddy has a hard time saying NO to her sweet face. I taught her to say, "I got you wrapped around my finger TWICE daddy!

She is a big cuddler, love to take her hair out,(note the crazy hair) and just be with her brothers!

She love to tell Levi what to do.(note her foot)

Watching the storms!

And loves following T.J around.

She is one tuff little girl!

And some times too silly for words!

Her "I didn't do it" look

This is her "its heavy" face

Her "what you talking bout Mom" face

She didn't have a swing when she was a baby so she is making up for lost time!;] I find her in this often.

This girl! How could you not LOVE this face!

She is a light in our home, and I am grateful for her! At times she is a Stinker pot! But she is the only stinker pot I want!!

First day of school!

Better late then never, right?! So here is T.J first day of school! We live right across the street from Manzanita Elementary, so he was so excited to get to walk.

Pammie want to be just like T.J

He can't contain it anymore!!:}

And were off!

He got to his seat and started playing with the playdough. Then he got a little nervous.

I like most moms I was just making sure my sweet boy was ok.

After the big day

T.J LOVES school! His teacher Mrs.Brown is really great. He has lots of friends but can't remember all their names!:} He tells me who they are by the way they dress and what their hair looks like! (Just like his Mom) I am so proud of my big sweet boy!