Wednesday, October 6, 2010

First day of school!

Better late then never, right?! So here is T.J first day of school! We live right across the street from Manzanita Elementary, so he was so excited to get to walk.

Pammie want to be just like T.J

He can't contain it anymore!!:}

And were off!

He got to his seat and started playing with the playdough. Then he got a little nervous.

I like most moms I was just making sure my sweet boy was ok.

After the big day

T.J LOVES school! His teacher Mrs.Brown is really great. He has lots of friends but can't remember all their names!:} He tells me who they are by the way they dress and what their hair looks like! (Just like his Mom) I am so proud of my big sweet boy!


Sizzling Smiths said...

Glad you updated...cute pictures of the kiddos...they are growing up way too fast and Levi...what a handsome boy....

Machelle said...

He is soooo handsome. You are such a good mommy.

Shirlyn H. said...

Timmy and Shiloh - I know from my own experiences that you will never forget the first day of school for each of your children. You turn them loose with such mixed emotions. You'll find none of your friends will feel exactly the same as you do each time. It depends on how there kids behaved during the summer. I had friends that couldn't shove their kids out the door fast enough! I just hated school to start, I loved every minute of my time with my kids during the summer months. With each year they were in school they would grow more and more away from my apron strings (which is as it should be - but I didn't like it). ENJOY !
Time passes so swiftly and before you know it you'll be posting to T. J., Pammie Shea and Levi's family blogs.