Saturday, July 10, 2010

So here we go.....

Over the memorial weekend we were able to go camping with my cousins and some friends from the ward. We had a lot of fun and got really dirty!;]
Chyanne and Levi became good friends.

Pammie and Sienna had fun throwing dirt on each other

We found a little river and had a ton of fun!
T.J would get his water boots full of water.......

And this is how he would empty them! So much for trying to keep dry!;]

Pammie got SO DIRTY! It really is her favorite thing to do;]

After we got home we had to tubby the kids. T.J almost got ready. And Pammie didn't even try.

She was so tired she didn't even feel her brothers big foot on her face!

This is Baby Royce, my nephew. I watch him for a few days.

Levi and Royce are 6 months apart. Levi is BIG for 7 months and Royce was 6 week early.

Timmy got his first real fathers day gift this year. (In other years he would get cards, and breakfast.) He was WAY excited to get a new drill!

Their is still more to come.....


Machelle said...

Yeah, you posted. LOVE those dirty pictures. I am cracking up.

Jamon, Kristen, and Keegan said...

I miss your kids!!!! That picture of Levi and the new baby is hilarious. He looks amazingly huge. I was dying. Fun post. Keep it coming!