Sunday, July 11, 2010

So here we go again.....

I my last post I said that Levi got really big. He went from this...

to this in just 3 months!! He really LOVES to eat!

More camping pictures
This is Amber, my cuz, with all the very hunger snacker around her. Chevy, T.J and Pammie.

Timmy and our 2 youngest. Pammie and Levi.

Fonzy Monsy, my other cuz, with their two youngest. Sienna and Chyanne (Yes Mons and Amber are married. And yes they are both my Cousins. No they are not related to each other. Just both related to me! It's a long story :})

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Shirlyn H. said...

I love seeing pictues of you Timmy and Shiloh with your kids. They are better than any expensive poses that a professional photographer could take. They really speak of your focus and love for your children.