Sunday, July 11, 2010

Elma Brown Smith

This taken at Taryns wedding reception.

My Grandma Smith passed away. I didn't get any pictures of the church service, But it really was a celebration of her life. All 3 of her kids spoke, and did a wonderful job. Ty sang a beautiful solo. All the grand kids sang I know that my redeemer lives.(the EFY version) It was beautiful, and almost everyone was crying! It was really great to see all the family there. Her body was laid to rest at the VA memorial.
Spencer, Nikki And Taryn

Jordon and her hubby Ty.

Grandpa and Pammie. She really loves both her grandpa Smiths!;]

My Sweet T.J boy!

This is the coolest little boy you will ever meet,Keegan! Jamon and Kristen sweet boy.

Grandpa and his kids and their spouses.

Her life was a life of service. She love to serve the church in any way she could. She was always educating her kids and grand kids. About the gospel and the right way to get anything done.;] She was a great example to me and my family! Grandma will be missed!;]:)

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Machelle said...

How sweet, sorry to hear of your loss. So glad you are updating us about whats going on girl...