Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Halloween

On Sunday we poked pumpkins! :} I found this light up no carve pumpkin kit! (But I didn't do the light up part)

It was really great! I just poked all the hole in and they put the lights in. They had a tone of fun!

On Saturday Grandpa Smith came over to the house and took us out to lunch with Jamon, kristen, and Keegan who were in town. The kids got to ride with my Dad to lunch, in his sweet buggie. T.J was asking him to slow down and Pammie was asking him to go faster!

After they got some snacks!

Timmy and I after the busy weekend. Man I love him!

Timmy had some stake business to do at church so T.J went along. Don't they both look so handsome?! Timmy has been working hard on losing weight, can't you tell! He is down 28 lbs!! I am so proud of him!

At church everyone called them twins!

And I almost forgot! Timmy has been working really hard and saving for a lift and new wheels and tires on his truck. He got it a while back and just put them on with the help of my cuz Mons, right before Halloween! It is lifted 4 inches with 32inch tires. (I think) Anyway It looks really great! And I LOVE riding in it!;]

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Sizzling Smiths said...

Love the update and the pictures..your family is growing