Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cute Sweet Boys!!

The joys of being pregnant, and having boys! I took my wedding ring off the other day, and could not put it back on! So I put them on a necklace. Like I have done with past pregnancies. This morning T.J noticed them on my necklace...
(We have always told him that he can have a girlfriend after he gets home from his mission. He is aloud to date all he wants before his mission, but no girlfriends until after!)
....He then tells me
"Mom when I get home from my mission and have a girlfriend. I need to give her this ring."

"But this is mine! Your dad gave this to me!"

"But it don't fit you any more. So I have to give it to my girlfriend! I can have the small one (the wedding band), and she can have the sparkle one (the diamond ring)."

"Well then what will I have?"

"You get a new diamond one!"

"You had better marry this girl T.J. She had better be the one!"

"I know Mama!"

OK so there you have it. T.J is going to give MY wedding ring to HIS girl friend. And I'M going to get a new one! At least that's the story for now. It might change when I do fit into my rings again. Or when his girlfriend decides that she don't like it. Either one!

For Timmy-By the way, I love my wedding ring, and would hate to part with it! It fits my personality perfect! Thanks My Love! But if T.J is going to give it to his girlfriend I do need another one, maybe a bigger one?;) Maybe?!:o


Jessica said...

That is cute.

Monica and Dave said...


Hey! A long lost cousin! I'm glad we found each other in the blogging world! Congrats on your pregnancy! I can't believe you were that far along! You go girl! That is awesome!

Cute family, cute pictures. I look forward to staying in contact.

Have a great day!