Thursday, November 10, 2011

Brown Reunion 2011

The Brown reunion was alot of fun! It is always great to see all the cousins. We ran down Greens Peak, played Minute to win it, had a family dance, and of course games! Going to the reunion has always been something that I look forward to all year. I just love being able to say I'm a Brown!;] (Sorry the pictures are out of order)

On top of Greens Peak.

After the run down Greens Peak we had a family picnic. T.J earned his cold soda.;]

Run down Greens Peak!! All that were at the top.

At the end we had to crab crawl down! T.J was a little scared at first. But he finished out strong!

Kid games

This is Timothy standing next to Timothy

Mingle, mingle, mingle!

You can't have a Brown Reunion with out a family dance!

All of the Wayne and Elma Smith family, that came to the reunion

Those crazy Smiths!

(Minute to win it videos are on the The Posterity of Elda Whiting and J. Albert Brown facebook page if you want to see them. They are pretty funny!:})

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coryandliz said...

Shiloh!!!! Somehow I came across your blog through a few friends. LOL!! Fancy meeting you here!! :) You are beautiful as ever! And you have a beautiful family! Hope you are all well!! Check out my blog! Cory and I are hoping to adopt, so we are spreading the word! xoxxoox